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Conservative + Orthodox Jews: How does your family interact with your non-Jewish community during Sabbaths + Holy Days?

I am not Jewish, but have some (not so) hypothetical questions for those who observe weekly sabbaths and also holy days. I’m not trying to be exclusive but I’m genuinely interested in the perspective of those who are more on the “conservative” end of the spectrum. When I say “conservative” I’m not talking about politics but rather those who take the sabbaths and holy days seriously and are not passive/dismissive about their observance.

Q1: My kids and your kids play together outside almost every evening. Then 6pm on Friday arrives. Can our kids still play together anytime during 6pm Friday and 6pm Saturday? If yes/no, what is the traditional and doctrinal basis for your belief?

Q2: Same question, but for Jewish holidays, like rosh hashanah, yom kippur, even feast of tabernacles.

Q3: What would be the standard answer for these questions by Judaism as a whole? (If your view differs from it)

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