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Conseption of time (weekdays)

I hope I can ask this question in a way someone can understand. English is not my first language so I’m not sure if I’m able to explain myself clearly.

For jews that celebrate shabbat: how do you ”see a week” in your mind? For example, I’m not religious and I live in a very secular European country, but for my mind Sunday feels very much like a day of rest. Weekend as a whole too, but especially Sunday. I understand it’s this christian-based culture around me, so I’m wondering if jews feel same or not.

If you have your own conseption of time that has Friday and Saturday as a ”weekend” (Im not actually sure about this, please correct if im wrong!), do you still feels that Sundays are ”speacial”, days off and time for rest from work, or are Sundays like Mondays and Wednesdays for you?

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