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Connecting to my Roots

Connecting to My Roots

I (37M) recently had a difficult conversation with my old man about my Jewishness, and it’s made me want to re-evaluate my choices.

As background, I come from a lapsed Presbyterian mother, and a Reform father. I was never Bar Mitzvah’d, and I never went to Hebrew school (though my younger siblings who are also both from blended marriages did attend Hebrew school). I’m what you’d call Jew-ish, in that I identify today ethnically as a Jew, but not spiritually whatsoever. I celebrated holy days with family as a child, teen and young adult, but can count on one hand the number of times I attended shule. I just never felt that connected to Judaism.

In the last few years, I transitioned from something of an atheist back to a spiritual place, but my go-to has been Christianity and Unitarian Universalism. For some reason, Judaism as a religion just seems off the table for me – I don’t feel a strong draw there. It’s come up recently with my father (who has really embraced his Jewish ess in the last 10+) that I’ve learned away from Reform Judaism and towards non-Jewish spritual paths.

My Dad’s understandably upset that I’ve never really embraced or at least explored my Jewishness. Though I stand by my previous choice to follow whatever religious path I want, I find myself second-guessing the last few years.

Has anyone else had this experience? Where they’re Jewish ethnically, but don’t really feel connected to it spiritually? Or where they’ve never considered themselves Jewish, but that found spiritual inspiration in their Judaism later in life?

Just looking to talk about it and get some insight, I guess.

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