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This is a bit of a wild story but bare with me for a minute lol. Okay, so about three years ago, my mom dropped the “bomb” on me and my brother that our family have been secretly Jewish this entire time. That sounds crazy but let me explain. I’m from Ireland and I live there as well. Obviously Ireland is a predominantly Christian country, so our family had to hide being Jewish in order to avoid being ostracized. My maternal grandmother’s parents were both Jewish, but raised my Nana as Catholic. She grew up with some Jewish traditions, such as eating Jewish food, although she was never told they were Jewish traditions. My Nana is a catholic and so are her sisters, so I’ve never been exposed to any of our Jewish culture. Since my Nana is my mom’s mom, this makes me Jewish halachically. I was raised with no religion, so l’ve never had a connection to either Christianity or Judaism. I’ve been wanting to connect back to my Jewish roots but l’m at a loss because I know basically nothing and there are no Rabbis in my county and the Jewish population is very very small. If anyone could please give me advice, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you 🙂

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