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Confusion about why he thinks a conversion is mandatory

Hey everyone,

I’m atheist, so is my Jewish modern orthodox(ish? I don’t know the last time he was in a synagogue but his parents regularly practice shabbat) boy friend (we’re friends because of this). He told me that his parents want Jewish kids. If our relationship ever gets to that point, i’m fine with raising Jewish kids, maybe performing a conversion at birth or just giving them the choice to convert later on, but i’m uncomfortable with converting myself. I’m atheist, it seems weird for me to have to accept a religious practice when my boyfriend doesn’t believe in the religion and only observes some things traditionally (according to him).

He seems to have a problem with this and wants me specifically to convert although I don’t really understand why because i’m willing to compromise in other ways to support his culture and traditions.

Sorry if this question is naive, hoping someone could provide a clearer understanding of his perspective.

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