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Confusing Path

To start off and put simply, I am lost… I am prospecting Judaism and have been for some time, I’ve been watching a lot of “101s” and reading and researching. My friend who does not live locally and not always available nor explain things to somebody that was not born a Jew, can understand. I mean… he’s pushing me to be Orthodox, but even after I told him that the closest orthodox shul is 2.5-3hrs away by vehicle, and that how could I do that every Friday and holiday, let alone walk since I can’t even drive on Shabbat and he says: “yeah, being a Jew can be hard lol” like, that’s pretty deterring!

For starters, morning prayers, Minhah, Arvit. I kind of understand what time, but I don’t really understand to what capacity. Example, my friend says, when referring to the Sephardic Siddur that he sent me, to read these pages, then those, then “oh yeah sure, read those too, don’t forget these ones.” Next thing you know, I’m reading 50-100 pages in the morning, then 50-100 pages for Minhah, then 50-100 pages for Arvit. I honestly wouldn’t even have time to do ANYTHING else in my life if I’m to read for hours of each morning and 2-3 hours in the even, especially if it’s every. Single. Day.

What am I missing? What am I NOT being told? Why does it feel like I’m feeling obligated to spend reading/saying prayers for 3-6+ hours each day. I knew this would not be easy as a prospect to Judaism, but this is… a LOT just for daily prayers…

My question to you all, more particularly conservative or reform Jews, what are the daily obligations of prayer? Is it really this much…? This is probably the 3rd place I’ve asked this question, Reddit being my last… any place I’ve asked this far responds with “yeah, just read all of such n such then such n such, you’ll be fine.” Please, be more specific, I don’t even know what “such and such” is or where to find it lol

I also keep hearing that Sephardic Siddur will be different than what my closest reform shul would have me reading. Why? Less reading? Different material?

Unless anyone has the Sephardic Siddur, then I really won’t know what to read… please help, before I lose my mind lol

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