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Conflicted over creating Jewish educational resources – please advise

Hello all,

For context, I’ve been making educational and opinion-based videos on youtube as a hobby for a little while now. I don’t do it to make any income and I don’t want to get rich and famous off of it – it’s just a hobby, nothing more. Additioanlly, most of my videos only get maybe a few hundred views – but I still generally enjoy making the content and I think it’s just good practice at speaking confidently, which is something I’ve wanted to get better at for some time.

A little while ago, I made a video called “Every Holocaust-Denying Argument Refuted in 3½ Minutes“, which is exactly what it sounds like. That ended up being, for whatever reason, my most ‘successful’ video and it’s got ~3,400 views currently and it’s still going up every day. I’m very proud of that video and I stand by it, of course.

But – a few days ago now, I noticed that a commenter left a polite comment thanking me for making the video. Which was very nice of them, but, they left a donation with their comment – which is apparently something you can do nowadays on youtube. And that’s the first time anyone’s ever donated to me on there.

My problem is, while I obviously really appreciate the kind words and the sentiment here – I just feel conflicted about whether or not it’s right to “accept” money when it’s on Shoah-related content.

Does anyone else get where I’m coming from here? I’ve been mulling this over for a few days now and I just thought it would be best to ask – it just doesn’t sit 100% right with me and I need to know what other people think.

Thank you.

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