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conflicted about my relationship with a goy

EDIT. I think it is important to say, Im a ciswoman and absolutely do no want kids

So, I’ve been dating my goyfriend for a year now. Im madly in love with him and he is the best, and I have plans of staying with him for as long as lige allows. However, I’m jewish, both my mom and dad are, my sister is as well and married a convert. So, he’s the only goy around, pretty much. And I have hooked up with quite a few people, but never with any jews, not on purpose, but because I was kinda traumatized by a lot of bullying at summer camps and synagogue’s youth groups and such. Now, I sometimes wonder if I should’ve given myself a chance to be with someone jewish, before kinda settling with a goy. I love him, I don’t wish he was different in any way. But my brain wonders. How evil is that? What could I maybe do?

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