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Conflict with my Christian family member — advice needed

Hey, all. I’m a pretty regular participant on this sub, but I’m using a throwaway for anonymity. I’m facing a tough situation with my sister (she follows my main account), and I need advice.

She and I (22F and 23F, respectively) are both living with my parents right now. I’m doing the post-grad school job search thing, and she’s still in school. My family is a mix of ethnic Jewish and European, but the rest of my family is Christian. I had my beit din/ mikveh last summer.

My sister has made nasty comments in the past (she said that Judaism is “perverse” and misogynistic, for example), and last week she quoted a verse to me about how those who don’t “accept Jesus” will go to hell. I obviously don’t believe in Christian hell, but it still hurt me.

It came up in a conversation a few days later, and I expressed that her words really hurt me. She said that I was “making her feel like a non-accepting person” and “insulting her character.”

Now, she’s demanding that I apologize for making her feel bad. She says she won’t apologize for the “going to hell” thing until I apologize for confronting her.

How should I handle this? My Jewish community is up in Canada, and I am totally alone in the rural Midwest. My sister is my mom’s favourite, and they tend to gang up on me whenever I stick up for my identity and faith.

I’d welcome any advice. Todah!

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