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Concerning a Minyan

I have noticed several posts about wanting to pray alone and not in a minyan. Unfortunately, I have decided not to pray in a minyan mainly because I do not want to pray outside with a mask on. I did go to a neighbor’s Bar Mitzvah and Simchat Torah, but I have mostly been alone. Here is what I am missing out on:

  1. People who are older than me.
  2. People who are younger than me.
  3. Lonely introverts who need a break from their loneliness.
  4. Conspiracy theorists.
  5. People who work in completely different professions.
  6. People smarter than me.
  7. People less smart than me.
  8. Other people’s kids.
  9. Singing with others.
  10. A surprise Shabbat guest.
  11. People who can help me.
  12. People who I can help.

I did not mention all of the spiritual benefits. Add those in the comments. But notice all of the people who on a regular basis I would never meet, that come to Minyanim who I can now meet because of the Minyan. We need this even if it might be uncomfortable.

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