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Concern Over a Brit Shalom

Howdy, I was just wondering if any Jewish Mothers had any advice for facing a Brit Shalom or any circumcision ceremony for someone who isn’t Jewish.

I’m just extremely nervous about having my newborn son be taken from me while I’m still postpartum and circumcized by a nonmedical professional in front of 30 people (I’m due in February, so I dont know if COVID will be a problem still, if it is I might try and postpone it or have it over Zoom?? Lol)

Did any of you have your son’s circumcised by a Doctor (maybe with a Rabbi present) the day he was born and just have the naming ceremony the week after? I feel like this is what I want to do, but I’m nervous about any pushback I might have from my husband and his family for going off book.

I just want to know what you guys think so I can know if my fears are warranted, since all I really want is the circumcision to be done safely, since I know its so integral to the identity.

Is my idea unreasonable? Jewish mothers, let me know!

(just so you know, im completely nonreligious and my husband is secular.)

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