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Concern for my safety

Today I checked my Facebook messages for the first time in ages and I had a message from a friend warning me about someone we had been friends with back in college and whom I dated as recently as 2017 who had posted something on social media that was antisemitic and glorifying Kanye. That turned into a private conversation through DMs where he said to my friend that Hitler was right about the Jews all along. My friend blocked him on all channels and reached out to me to warn me because the guy has a grudge against me from when we dated and is evidently living back in my area. He only lived here briefly before when we dated. My friend said he thought this guy is now dangerous enough to inflict harm on a Jewish person and he immediately thought about me. I don’t really think he’d try to figure out where I live and stalk me to get into my secure building, but I should be safe. I’m going to mention this to my therapist at my next session so it’s documented in case anything ever happens, but I don’t know what else I should consider doing. I tried to look him up online and based on his LinkedIn profile, it states he’s not living here. Also, I’m so disgusted by who he has become. I wasn’t involved with him long last time I saw him. I realized that he’d turned into a terrible person in the years since I had last known him.

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