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Come on guys

We are better than this . Anti blackness should have no part in this community . I understand everone is angry after the New Jersey shooting believe me I am pissed as hell. It reminds me of Blaze Bernstein’s death where they was almost no media coverage even though his was murder was a hate crime and the murderer was a neo Nazi. I understand that if the reverse happened in the NJ it would have been plastered across CNN. It fustrates me that we face white supremacy from the right and refusal of acknowledgement of that we are a minority from the left that we are “white” because we “pass” even though we suffer from the majority of hate crimes compared to other minorities. That we must have some “privilege because everyone know about the Holocaust”. And the lack of knowledge that we are a ethno religion. But there are black jews whether they be converts ,mixed Beta Israel ,and ect. We shouldn’t forget that many black Jews are grieving only for them to get hit with racist bs from the Jewish community not cool guys. I understand there is a complex relationship between African Americans and the Ashkenazi community in USA. Look I’m writing because my cousins are black and Jewish and I’m hoping they don’t have to deal with any of this bs. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk .

In other news happier news did anyone see pics from Tiffany Haddish bat mitzvah that shit looks lit .

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