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Coffee Kashrus Conundrum

My partner and I are trying to cut down on food waste and plastic waste in our home. We have a kosher kitchen so one area where I’ve found this really difficult is coffee. We buy ground coffee and brew at home with a pour-over.

Coffee grounds are usually sold in a non-recyclable thin plastic bag. Our local supermarket has its own brand that comes in a paper bag, but it’s not kosher. (There are some other brands that are kosher and sell in paper bags, but they’re like, $25 for a small bag)

I’ve considered filling up a reusable bag with coffee beans but I’m unsure about the kashrus. I’ve read that since coffee is only “roasted” with water, it’s all kosher unless it’s flavored or decaffeinated.

My supermarket sells whole bean “Italian espresso” and I’m wondering if those beans would be considered kosher even if they’re not labeled kosher. I have no idea how this supermarket stores the beans or if they’re roasting in-house (probably not).

Would the fact that the beans are unflavored be good enough for you? Or do you think I should be worried about cross-contamination from flavored, non-kosher beans? I suppose I could use my own scoop to get the beans in case the scoop in the store has been used in a bin of non-kosher beans.

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