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Cleaning My Menorah

Cleaning My Menorah

From great-great-great-grandpa Moishe

This menorah was once in my great-great-great-grandfather’s family. It has traveled over multiple continents and been to places where it could have gotten people into trouble if found, but it has been enjoying a fairly calm life for the last couple of decades, and I’m currently using it every Chanukah.

Olive oil leaves the horrible bright green residue visible in this picture. I’ve had a bit of success cleaning it off with butter (!), but it’s incredibly tedious. I’ve been looking for better ways to clean it. The cups (other than the shamash) are not removable. I would also love to clean off the spot next to the palm tree on the right; I’m afraid to do anything too aggressive though. Does anybody else deal with anything like this? What would be a good way to make it look like new? I have to be very gentle with it.

“Bonus” question: the gunk that collects inside the cups is really awful. I don’t even bother with it (since it’s not generally visible), and, from the looks of it, no one in literally a century has. Does anyone have ideas about how to deal with that?

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