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Circumcision – Depression

Shalom. Firstly, I am a 23-year old male (jew) living in Denmark. (if you have any questions about how it is living here as a jew, please send me a DM. I’m free to discuss my experiences, both good and bad.) I am of course circumcised.

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of literature and research on the effects of male circumcision. Some of the effects that often come up are “desensitization”, “removal of the most sensitive parts of the penis”, “removal of most of the nerve-endings in the penis” and so forth. After reading these kinds of disturbing facts, I honestly can’t stop thinking that I’ve been in many ways robbed of my sex-life. I feel like I would have enjoyed sex/ self-pleasure much more than what I do today, if I wasn’t circumcised.

And the thought that disturbs me the most, is that it’s my parents who gave a green light to the rabbi to do so, when I was a few days old. Why couldn’t they wait till I was a bit older, so I could decide for myself? As much as I hate saying this, all these circumcision-thoughts have made me depressed.

Oh, also: All my friends are intact (born in Christian/ Atheist families) and they often taunt me for being circumcised, even though they claim it has nothing to do with me being a Jew.

Has anyone else in here had the same thoughts/ experiences as I have? If so, how do you cope with them? Is anyone here both a Jew and anti-circumcision?

Thanks in advance. Toda.

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