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Christmas/Easter in children’s books

Sorry in advance if this is a bit long.

What do you do with these if you have elementary school age kids? My kids have heard of them within a year or two of independent reading because I don’t monitor their reading too too closely- I do take all the library books to the checkout so I see titles and authors but I’m not inclined to stop them from borrowing the next book in a series just because it happens to involve Easter, and their first exposure to Christmas was probably Bubbe’s Boarding House or Alef Bet Blastoff, which have the message of “that’s nice, but we have our own holidays and don’t do Christmas”. I won’t go out of my way to find a Christmas book even if it is the next in the series, though.

What would you do about a boxed set that includes a Christmas book, e.g. the American Girl series or a particular section of the Magic Tree House series? Avoid the boxed set, or figure it’s in the mix and won’t stand out? Do you see a difference between buying vs borrowing from the library?

MO, but interested in other opinions too so long as you’re far enough right that you wouldn’t think of celebrating these holidays with your kids.

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