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Christian here seeking to understand Judaism a little bit better

Hello everyone

I am a Christian and I have some questions about Judaism and where your beliefs come from.

This is not me trying to say you are wrong or challenge in anyway, just me trying to understand jewish beliefs and tradition a little bit better.

If I make a mistake or misunderstand something, please let me know

  1. Why do you celebrate Hanukkah? I know you don’t celebrate Christmas but what makes Hanukkah an actual holiday in Judaism? Also, why is it celebrated at the same time as Christmas?

  2. What classifies kosher food from non-kosher food? I know you don’t eat pork, but what else is not classified as kosher and why?

  3. Why do you place stones on graves instead of flowers?

Remember, I am not in anyway trying to diminish what you believe or debate in anyway, this is just me trying to understand Judaism a little bit better.

If this is not the correct place for me to post this, just let me know where I should post this I will remove this post no questions asked.

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