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Christian Coworker

Most of my coworkers are Christians. One of them is quite devout: She listens to loud sermons and gospel music while she works, and she even shouts, “Thank you, Lord!” or “Hallelujah!” loudly enough for me to close my office door so I can focus on my work.

None of that stuff bothers me. She’s a lovely person who’s very kind to me.

I’m wondering how I can get her to understand that the Christian deity is irrelevant to me.

On Friday, she was asking me about the fall holiday season, which I happily explained to her in detail. At the end of my explanation, she asked me – with a great deal of confusion on her face – to clarify that I didn’t, in fact, go to church or celebrate Christmas. When I told her that my view on the Christian deity was likely the same as her views on Muhamad or Joseph Smith, she said she had no idea who they were.

I know I shouldn’t get into a religious debate at work, but I want to know how to respond if this comes up again.

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