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Chat GPT on how to wrap tefillin

I curiously decided to ask chatgpt on the proper procedure to wrap tefillin, and I think what I got is gold. Here are a few highlights:

According to ChatGPT, the head tefillin is put on first, using the following procedure: “Take the strap of the head tefillin and wrap it around your head, keeping the tefillin in place. The strap should be wrapped around your head seven times in a counterclockwise direction (if you are right-handed). After the seventh wrap, bring the strap down to the base of your skull and tie a knot.”

On the procedure of doing the hand part of the arm tefillin: “After the seventh wrap, wrap the strap around your hand, leaving your thumb and little finger free. Tie the strap to the part of the strap that is wrapped around your arm, using a single knot.”

Towards the end, ChatGPT made sure to mention: “It is important to note that while the wrapping sequence described above is the most common, there are variations in the customs of different Jewish communities.”

My sleep deprived brain might be finding this funnier than it should, but thought i’d share.

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