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Chanukah Shul Activity


I attend a very strict Chabad. I’m as loyal as a dog though. I was bar mitzvahed there. The Rabbi married me. And my children have been named there.

Ideologically we don’t always mesh. Im more MO. Today the Rabbi’s son in law came to ne and asked me ” What event can we put on for Chanukkah can we put on for the community that would reach out that are not affiliated – fun, different ?”.

I’m 36 with kids. So if I get an opportunity to sit down for 15 minutes- I’m thrilled.

But when I was in College, we did some pretty awesome stuff – we knew some B listed actors and brought them from California for Shabbat. We did a city wide scavenger hunt.

Give me some of your 💡? Literally: Throw shit at the wall. Let’s see what sticks.

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