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Changing my last name after conversion?

I’m not sure if this a dumb question or not but I thought this would be the best place to ask. Long story short, I was raised in a secular household but Judaism has always interested me from a young age. Jewish culture, beliefs, and way of life have connected with me in a way that’s hard to describe. It just “feels” right if that makes sense. I have been thinking about converting for the past few years, reading a lot of books, teaching myself Hebrew, etc and I think I may be ready to formally begin my journey soon. My 3rd great grandparents were Jewish immigrants from Ukraine and they had a very stereotypically Jewish last name (think Goldberg or the like). It was actually my grandmothers maiden name too, but it had been anglicized as her grandfather (my 3rd great grandparents son) married a Catholic woman and their children were not raised Jewish. When I convert or when I get married (my partner is Jewish) I am thinking of changing my last name to the one my great grandparents had. I have always loved their name, and I’ve never really liked my own last name either, it’s tied to a lot of bad experiences in my life. I guess my question is, would this be seen as odd by people? Is it a common thing for converts to take the last name of Jewish family members? In the end I will probably change my name regardless of what people say because it’s something I’ve wanted for awhile but I thought I would get the opinions of more experienced members of the Jewish community. Any answers or opinions whether negative or positive would be greatly appreciated.

חג שמח!

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