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chag purim katan sameach

For anyone familiar with some of the small Sephardic & Romaniote communities of the mediterranean, today the 18th shevat is our purim katan. From Sicily, Ioannina & Corfu we call it Purim Promoplo, it is known to others as Purim Saragosa.

Long story short, Sicilian Jews from Siracusa in the 14th century were sold out to the King by Marcus a convert from Judaism. He told how our community kept the Tikkim empty of the Torah when we gave reverence the King. The elders were forewarned in dreams by Eliyahu Hanavi, and genocide of the Jews was averted.

Since our community in Corfu & Ioannina was all but eliminated by the shoah, the only remnants of this purim katan are found in our bene anousim communities of south Italy. Any Jews from the eastern Aegean (like Smyrna or even Instanbul) who’s families may have escaped the reach of the shoah may still know of this story; I would love to hear from anyone from there.

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