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Chabad’s stance on gay men and gay marriage?

I have been a proud, loyal and constant member of the Chabad congregations for the past 22 years of my life. I have become a Bar Mitzvah in chabad and have become very very close with two Chabad rabbis over those 22 years. One of the things I’ve never told them, however, is that I’m a gay man.

Recently every time I attend Shabbos or go to a Chabad event the rabbi has been trying to set me up with a bachelorette on the congregation. I have been to this point, afraid of telling the rabbi (this one I’ve known for 12 years) about my preferences. I figure it’s about time I tell the Reb about me. Yet I am afraid of his response.

Are there any Lubavitchers on here who might inform me about what 770’s stance is regarding gay men?

Thank you in advance and Baruch HaShem

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