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Chabad messianism: what’s it all about?

Hey everyone,

I’m trying to wrap my mind around Chabad messianism. I don’t understand why it exists, and how it makes sense to any frum Jew. I also don’t understand how frum Chabad Jews can believe that Rabbi Schneerson was/is Moshiach, but can also constantly yell “Moshiach now!”– that alone seems to conflict, doesn’t it?

Are the Chabad Jews the only ones that hold such a belief? Is it specific to them that they have a Messiah? I’m wondering what the difference is between that and the “Jews for Jesus”, and the fact that its just so central in Judaism to accept that the Messiah hasn’t come– and when he comes, shit will change in the world, a lot. And obviously it hasn’t.

How do people reconcile all this? Is it a topic that you can ask a Chabad Jew about, or are they tight-lipped when it comes to messianism?

Overarching question: but what (aside from the aggressive proselytizing) sets Chabad apart from other Chassidic Jews? They seem far more open and mellow, yet at the same times still hang on to some of these rather austere or confusing viewpoints. Trying to make sense of it all.

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