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Chabad, Breslov, and the Concept of Moshiach

I have recently gotten more into Chabad and Breslov, and I love many of the concepts and they make sense to me, but I know many Chabadniks believe that Rebbe Schneerson is the moshiach, while many Breslovers believe that Rebbe Nachman is supposed to be the moshiach, but they have both passed away….And as far as I know certain things are supposed to happen when Moshiach comes such as the rebuilding of the Holy temple (meaning more mitzvot will be able to be preformed), all nations of the world will be in the pursuit of Hashem and Torah, ALL Jews settling in the holy land, Resurrection of the dead etc. So, what reasons do they have for saying either one is Moshiach when none of these things have happen yet?

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