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Celebrating Chanukah and I’m a Gentile

I have an elderly client who I’ve been working with for over a year. Last year, her family came to her place and one is a rabbi who lead a beautiful ceremony on the first day of Chanukah. I felt very honored to be a part of the celebration and had assumed that would happen again.

Turns out it will just be she and me this year. We have an electric menorah (no candles allowed) and a few other decorations. I would like to make it at least a little bit special for her. Ideas please! She is mostly blind and doesn’t hear well but loves music so I’m specifically looking for something I can easily put on YouTube that is more about the sound rather than individual words. She grew up speaking Yiddish but I couldn’t possibly help her understand something that she wouldn’t know already. Also, I don’t have the time or skills to make any food. Would it be silly to offer hash browns from TraderJoes in place of latkes? I remember the rabbi last year saying that the point is to serve oily food and that in some areas it’s a flaky pastry or other available greasy food instead of latkes so I feel like it could be a good stand in. I have very little prep time available to me, so I’m looking for something easy that still carries a sweetness and nostalgia. Anything I could bring as a gift? I could stop into a grocery store on my way and she loves chocolate as much as I do, and I might be adding in that tidbit because I’ll take any excuse to buy chocolate. We used to watch the news in the evenings but that was stressing us out and now we’ve been watching cheeseball holiday movies on the hallmark channel just because they’re so stress free. I am so ready to change gears and would love to hear any suggestions going forward really, especially something that might spark memories of her youth which are few these days.

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