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Catering a Sheva Brachot, Question about marit ayin

I am catering a friend of mine’s sheva brachot, I was asked to do some artisanal pizza, going to be making some fresh mozz from local milk under the supervision of the Rabbi there, including making some koji-parm from kosher ricotta.

I am also going to be making some salami and pepperoni from pumpkin seeds and coconut fat, and planning on aging and smoking them myself.

I am wondering, if the Rabbi is providing me oversight on making the vegan sausage, and it is all only dairy and vegetarian, should I be worried about anyone being concerned about the marit ayin if it is a compelling meat pepperoni analogue? Or should the fact all attendees will have equal knowledge about the source and provenance of the food be sufficient?

I am of course going to have more discussions about the Rabbi about it, but I was just curious if anyone feels like it would be an issue?

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