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Categories of Jews in Israel – where would I fit in?

I’m in Israel for the 2nd of a two week vacation/exploration. Part of why I came here was to see how realistic the idea of making Aliyah is. One thing I’m having trouble sorting out is the different categories of Jews (dati leumi, torani, etc). I have no idea where I might fit in. Is there some definition of these categories around somewhere to help figure out if one of them describes me?

For context, I am shomer Shabbos and shomer kashrut. I dress modestly (covers collar bone, knees, elbows and no bare calves)but I wear an assortment of colors. I don’t own a TV but I do go out to secular movies on occassion and read secular books.

As far as my position on Israel, I am some sort of Zionist. I believe HaShem has blessed the Jewish State in its current existence, Yes many people made and make huge sacrifices and we have to share the pain.

As far as men studying Torah for life, there are very few people who are at the level where they could support themselves and a family on Torah alone. I totally get that after the Holocaust there was a need to rebuild the ranks and learning of Torah. That’s been done and it’s time in my mind to go back to “normal” where most men hold jobs to support themselves and their family and make time to study Torah daily. I also don’t believe in exempting religious Jews from military service.

So what does that make me?

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