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Can’t find Kosher for Passover matzo in any grocery stores??

The grocery stories near me seem to have huge Passover displays of matzo but if you look closer, none of it is kosher for Passover. I mean, isn’t the whole point of matzo to be for Passover? Why would any kosher company produce matzo you can’t use for the seder?

I’m a journalist and decided this was a great excuse to call the big matzo companies — Manischewitz didn’t get back to me, but Streit’s did and the guy I spoke to, who is a descendent of Mr. Streit himself, was very chatty. Obviously, I knew making kosher for Passover matzo requires extra stringencies and is more difficult, but the amount of extra work he detailed that goes into making it kind of blew my mind (a rabbi designated to unseal the flour to ensure it doesn’t get wet at the unsealing, for example). As did the fact that they sell quite a lot of matzo year round! Anyway, if you, like I, are curious about the existence of non-K4P matzo, read on:

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