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Can’t decide between a reform or conservative conversion

Has anyone else who has converted had this problem? I have 2 synagogues nearby, a reform and a conservative, and from all the research I’ve done on their sites they seem like warm, welcoming places and the rabbis seem great as well. However, after a couple years of thinking and studying I still can’t decide which denomination I want to convert with. On one hand, I like how reform is extremely accepting. (I’m a gay man with a transgender husband). But I also don’t like how a lot of them seem to mix politics with services (nothing wrong with anyone’s politics in particular, I just think it should be kept out of religion) and how services tend to be more church like with more singing and such. On the other hand, I like how conservative stays closer to tradition and doesn’t disregard a lot of Halacha the way reform seems to do. I like the idea of having services in Hebrew. However, from what I’ve read conservative conversations can be really rigorous and require you to adhere strictly to kosher and follow Shabbat to the letter but due to some physical health problems that’s not possible for me. I’m leaning towards contacting the conservative rabbi, but just wondering if anyone has any advice?

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