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Can you say Mi Shebeirach for yourself?

Hello, I am suffering from schizophrenia. My family is not religious and they do not pray, and no one at my synagogue knows me or that I am sick. I don’t think anyone in my community except my rabbi even knows my name. I have been doing very poorly of late with my disease and whenever the Mi Shebeirach comes around in my shul I feel very lonely and wishing someone would say my name, but I feel selfish and self-centered about it. Is it okay to say a Mi Shebeirach prayer for myself? I wouldn’t add my own name to the synagogue list because that feels selfish but I would just like to say it to myself but I don’t know if that’s permitted.

EDIT: Thank you for your kindness. Because multiple people have asked, my Hebrew name is Chava Bat-Idit (חוה בת־עידית) and I am ok with being on a list

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