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Can you guys debunk these claims by Hebrew Israelites.

Hello guys, I hope to not have offended you guys or anything but the other day I was looking at reasons why Black Hebrew Israelites would be the Israelites in the bible since i heard much about them. There were a few claims that stood out a lot. can you guys take a look.

Black people do not have the same DNA Africans that have faced the diaspora have a different genetic code to other Africans. These Africans that faced the diaspora can apparently trace their DNA back to the land of israel.

How Moses was mistaken for an Egyptian. Since Ancient Egyptians were black that must mean that Moses looked like an Ancient Egyptian which was black.

National Geographic’s model of Adam depicts him as a black man

Egyptian depiction of Israelites show that they are dark

On you can search up the names of the slaves and a lot of the slaves names have the word ‘yah’ in it.

Ps I am not a Hebrew Israelite.

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