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Can you become more religious without making Jewish friends?

I was never really religious because my family wasn’t really (the most religious thing I learned from before my bar mitzvah was from watching the Prince of Egypt) and was never good at making friends so I didn’t really care for the community aspect of Judaism. I just don’t like being around a lot of people and sort of avoided being in situations like that throughout my childhood. I went to my synagogue a couple times with the last time being once after my bar mitzvah and just didn’t like it at all because all those people were so overwhelming and it just felt like work that I was honestly sick of because of having to learn to read so much of my parsha so fast and not being taught any aspect of Judaism that was enjoyable.

I’m in college now and have learned a lot about Judaism through social media like through this subreddit or tiktokers like rabbi raps and have decided I want to change things up and become more religious because I learned that Judaism is enjoyable for me when taught the right way. I also wanted to make some friends which I don’t really have any of.

A way that I thought I could kill two birds with one stone is by going to my university’s Jewish club. It’s got a few dozen people at a time and they’ve have food and the occasional speaker every once in the while. I’ve gone for a few meetings and the foods alright and I like listening to speakers like rabbis and whatnot but I just am not great with making friends with the other students there. I feel like they’re all in their own groups or whatever and it’s just hard starting a conversation with them because they’re all focused on things that are hard for me to join in on the conversation and it’d just feel awkward if I did.

Maybe I shouldn’t try to use this as an opportunity to make friends, maybe I should just use it as an opportunity to hear people speak about Jewish topics. I guess I thought that having some Jewish friends would make my desired religious journey more easily accessible but I guess it’s not meant to be. Just thought of this because they’re having a friendsgiving thing and I don’t see a point in going because it doesn’t seem like it’ll have anything to do with religion.

Anyways, sorry if I rambled or if this wasn’t really something to talk about in this subreddit.

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