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Can you be both Buddhist and Haredi?

I’m Reform so what do I know, but I have cousins who are Haredi (and not Buddhist!)

A friend of mine, who is not at all Jewish, claims she has a Buddhist monk friend who is Haredi.

I said well he could have been raised that way, but if he’s now a Buddhist monk, maybe not so much? As in I can’t see how that can be.

But as I said, I’m Reform. And I could ask my cousins but I’m afraid they’ll forever think I’m a little dim-witted. So I figured I’d ask here.

I get that someone can be interested in reading what has been written about Buddhism but to be actually a monk? That takes a huge commitment to something that is not the Talmud, so for me at least, I can not see it.

Thanks for any responses! Even if I’m wrong. 🙂

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