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Can we get a Mi Shebeirakh?

Underwent a minor but thorough bit of musculoskeletal surgery last thursday… and it went fine! Non-issue, probably. The ‘trouble’ is that the post-op week of pain pills just merged seamlessly into the chag week of matzah, and I’m doubtful my bowels will ever forgive me!

I’m not alone in being particularly afflicted when snacking on the bread of affliction, right?

With so much time to kill, I’ve been grateful for the sagely nuggets of jewish wisdom you can dig up while skimming sefaria. Here are some of my favorites: this bit in Berakhot 55a I first heard from someone on this sub, but soon after learned it only doubles down on the toilet stuff by 62a, which is really just a treasure for stuff like this. Shabbat 67a is not to be missed, neither are the timeless assurances of best practice found in Oraḥ Ḥayim 3.

As it turns out, there’s a lot that’s been said about, uh, the burdens of deliverance. Seriously, though… the one week I really coulda used a bowl of oatmeal…

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