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Can the online Jewish community from reddit please "vouch" for this website please? (The Jewish Community of the Philippines)

Beit Yaacov Synagogue is located in the heart of Metro Manila. It is the only Synagogue in the Philippines.

Here are my 2 threads I created yesterday:

  1. 6 upvotes (my very first post)
  2. 0 upvotes (my failed attempt at humor, lol)

What I’m requesting today is someone very familiar with Judaism to please spend 5-10 minutes checking out the website and confirm it is legit and in accordance with American Judaism. My 2nd question is how do Rabbis in the Philippines earn their credentials since Judaism is so unpopular in that country? I’m pretty sure there isn’t enough demand for a “Rabbi seminary school” or however Rabbis earn their training. Do Rabbis in the Philippines earn their training/credentials overseas first before living in the Philippines? (that is my 3rd question)

I spend way too much time on Tinder and the Jewish community here was EXTREMELY nice/kind to me yesterday even though my account was brand new which is often a red flag. I will tell my Filipina Tinder match “Mae” about Judaism today and invite her to visit the website and I will post screenshots of the conversation to this subreddit tomorrow if requested.

My 4th question (arguably most important) is will you guys please show me your sense of humor? From what I’ve read online on sites like Wikipedia, Jewish people have slightly higher intelligence than non-Jewish white people like myself and humor correlates with intelligence obviously — will at least one person in the comments section please make me laugh today?

My 5th and final question is what does this community think about the Philippines? (if you have no opinion then just ignore this question)

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