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Can someone please explain?

Hello! I’m a black american. I’m a gen z kid in my 20’s so I’m REAL clueless about some things I apologize! I’ve tried doing my research and I can’t seem to find any conclusive stuff so I thought I’d try reddit!

I don’t understand antisemitism. It doesn’t make sense. Why are the Jews so persecuted? I haven’t actually talked with any but my friend lives in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood in southwest Houston. Everyone seemed like just nice white people? So many celebrities are coming out with conspiracy theories and nonsense about Jewish people and I can’t wrap my head around it?

Does it have somthing to do with immigration like the Irish and Italians? And Mexicans today?

Is there some ancient historical event that’s STILL influencing rappers and celebrities today? Or is this just mass ignorance? What the heck is going on?

Thank you.

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