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Can someone explain Lilith, Azrael, and Samael?

I’m love to learn more about the abrahamic religion. I do have some questions. While I have a basic understanding of these three I would be happy if someone could give some insight on them.

  1. Where does Lilith fit into to Judaism? I know she was supposedly the first woman. But don’t understand her place in the religion. Do many people believe in her or is she just a myth?

  2. If I understand correctly Azrael is the angel of death. Though Christians don’t believe in his existence but Muslims and Jews do. Also Is Azrael evil? I have found some sites saying he a fallen angel.

  3. Samael if I understand is the left hand of god. Though is he evil? I can’t figure out his position. Didn’t he aid in the corruption of man? Then, is he also the devil? I thought his name changed to Lucifer once the civil war started. Are these two the same or separate entities?

Thank you for reading.

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