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Can someone ELI5 the different sects of Judaism?

Is sects the correct term? Denomination? Anyway, I was raised Catholic myself, attended Catholic school and all that, and so consequently I haven’t had much exposure to Judaism, but I would like to learn! I’ve poked around on the internet looking for answers to this question, and I still don’t entirely understand. Here’s what I think I know so far:

In terms of most to least strict: Orthodox, Conservative, Reform. But then there’s also Hasidic and different types of Orthodox? Reconstructionist as well? What’s the difference between those? I guess what I’m looking for are a bit more concrete examples of what each denomination can and can do that maybe others do. For example, one of the things that sets Baptist Christianity apart from Catholicism is that Baptist’s are baptized as adults whereas Catholics are baptized as young children. Other denominations of Christianity have more freedom in terms of the gender of their pastors as well, whereas Catholic priests are always male. Are these like the type of differences that exist across denominations in Judaism?

I really apologize if anything comes across as offensively ignorant. I am ignorant, but my intention isn’t to be offensive but to learn more!!

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