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Can someone converting begin davening?

Hey all! I’m not currently in the official process of converting as COVID-19 messed that up real good, but I am currently taking classes with a rabbi and of course doing lots of reading.

From an Orthodox perspective, can someone in my shoes begin daily prayer? I’m uncomfortable asking my rabbi as she is very lassiez faire and usually doesn’t answer things from an orthodox framework (very wonderful but most answers are about doing what feels right for me right now and I want an answer more rooted in halacha- she won’t be my sponsoring rabbi and I’m still working out the details of who that will be).

I know that goyim can’t study Torah that doesn’t directly pertain to them so I’m wondering if this is similar. Right now I’d just be starting with Modah Ani every morning (not really sure of when to add more prayers or even what they all are). Also, do I need to wash my hands before the Modah Ani? Thanks in advance!

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