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Can run a race during Shloshim?

My mom died, and I have a major half marathon coming up before the end of Shloshim. Would this be forbidden?

My mom was the only one who supported my passion for running, and I want to still run it to make her proud. My young daughter and I called Mom every night after we ran (her in the jogging stroller) to tell her all about the ducks, dogs, and people we saw along the way. Our chat was always part of the routine. She was also always the first person to call me after a race to congratulate me on finishing.

I wouldn’t run with headphones and it’s not a social activity for me. I can’t say would be enjoyable or if I’m just doing it for health reason, so I’m not sure. The moneyt run the local race was already spend, so it also wouldn’t be a financial hardship. Though, I could pay exta to get a spot in this major race next year, which would cost money that I have not budgeted for.

Thanks for your opinions!

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