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Can I translate הוא (hu) as It, when refering to Hashem?

I’ve already posted before that I’m on my own journey regarding Hashem and Halacha. At the moment I’m trying to form a bare minimum prayer (see other post) and am trying to translate the hebrew into a more meaningful way (not add or delete just look if any words work better than the ones provided in my siddur). I’ve come to a cross roads about how to translate pronouns to gods names. As I understand it it fine to translate הוא as ‘him’ when refering to elohim or adny, and i assume itll refer to shechina as היא, but I’m wondering about the tetragramaton. Because Hashem refers to the essence, or as close as one could get, would the best fitting translation not be ‘it’ rather than ‘he’?

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