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Can I raise my kids Jewish with my partner?

My partner and I have been talking about how we would raise our kids, and we decided that we will raise them as Jewish. My partner is Jewish, but I’m not. (Raised Christian but really just keep it a personal practice, don’t really attend church or study as I should). I want to ensure that I can participate and learn appropriately, I’ve even considered converting, but really just in the personal exploration/ learning stage as I haven’t talked with a rabbi, nor have I expressed interest in converting to my partner.

He said that he accepts me, and that I don’t have to convert to raise our (potential) kids Jewish, but a part of me worries that if I don’t study or try to properly learn, that I will mess things up. Also, I understand that being Jewish is often traced matrilineally, and if I’m not Jewish, does that mean our potential children aren’t? He’s not very strict, I would say he’s reform, but still, I would like input from others here if possible. Thanks! Am Yisrael Chai!

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