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can i make a mezuzah for my Jewish friend?

hi!! so i’m not Jewish (raised mormon actually lol but i’m leaving the church once financially independent) but my best friend is and is in the process of becoming more religiously involved. they’re very enthusiastic about Judaism and recently explained to me what a mezuzah is and that they want to have one once they move into their own place. i do a lot of ceramics in my free time and was thinking i could make a mezuzah for them as a gift (meaning just the mezuzah case, idk if i’m supposed to distinguish between that and the parchment inside but i would only be making the container). i looked up a bunch of images and tutorials online and they seem fairly simple to make but i don’t know if that would be appropriate for me to do since i’m not Jewish. from what i can tell, it’s fine to gift mezuzahs even if you’re not Jewish but i don’t know the consensus on a gentile actually making one themselves. i would just ask my friend for their opinion but i want the gift to be a surprise. would it be considered okay for me to make that for them? i can’t tell if i’m overthinking it but i just want to err on the side of caution 😀

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