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Can I love Israel, its culture, and its people but hate its government?

I’m a Filipino Christian who’s just very curious abt what’s happening in Israel. Being Filipino, I’m no stranger to the fact that China is encroaching on my country’s doorstep (as well as committing many human rights violations) to the point that it’s even become a personal motto to love China, its culture and its people but hate its government.

So what I wanna ask here is if the same kind of thinking could apply to the situation between Israel and Palestine. Being a Christian that’s read a bit on Jewish history, I understand that the Jews deserve a state of their own but I don’t think it should be at the cost of Palestinian lives as what the Israeli government and military are doing. That’s not to say, however, that Palestine is innocent but rather both states deserve to exist and be held accountable as states.

Please point out if I’m holding any wrong sentiments or following any wrong facts. I just want to learn more of what little I regrettably know about this extremely sensitive topic that sadly not enough people fully understand. Your help and corrections will be greatly appreciated.

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