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Can I go to a football game on Friday that will potentially go past sundown?

Hi! I just wore my yarmulke in public for the first time today, as I have been becoming more religious. I want to observe Shabbat and proudly wear my yarmulke, but I am also not yet completely educated on the rules of Shabbat, as I was raised completely without religion (even though I am halachically Jewish). My volleyball team is going to my school’s football game this Friday, and I would like to go and support my school and team. Obviously, I wouldn’t bring my phone and I would walk there, and I wouldn’t carry anything, but I was just wondering if this would be permitted, as I’m not sure if the football game will end before or after sundown. My family does not celebrate Shabbat so I wouldn’t miss any dinner or anything, and I honestly consider my volleyball team almost like a family, anyways. What do you guys think? Should I go? If I go, should I wear my yarmulke, or would it be more appropriate to take it off? Thanks!

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