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Can I complain for a second about how pricy Judaica can be?

It’s going to be my first anniversary of being an official Conservative Jewess from the 20th of Elul (Happy 1st year!), and aside from my Jewish books, the only Judaica I own is a pewter kiddush cup gifted to me by my neighbours, and an oil chanukiah. So I thought to buy some proper Judaica rather than using my makeshift Dollar Store cheapies I’ve used all year.

A kosher mezuzah scroll at $40 CAD? Shabbat candlesticks and matching Havdalah sets are pricy together… let alone buying myself a proper tallit gadol. And it would take me time to pay off a cheap, kosher tefillin. And paying to ship them from the USA/Toronto into a not-very-Jewish area of Canada.

Let alone paying half an arm just for my High Holiday tickets. 😒 (I am thinking of probably skipping the additional community dinner for something at home or vegetarian along the way, because I don’t know if I want to pay extra this year. I dunno.) I work retail, so that doesn’t help.

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