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Can ethnic Jews experience Antisemitism

// Antisemitism and N@zi mentions, long post

I’m sorry if this post is dumb. I’m just kinda lost right now and need some advice. I (14f) am in a family of German immigrants, my moms family all lived in Germany until her, my uncle and my grandmother came to live here in the US when she was a young child. I was never raised with religion in my life, though my mom is a very proud German and has talked about our Jewish roots before. Myself I am kind of stereotypical, though not really.

I mostly stand out by my bright ginger hair and have been asked if I was Jewish before, but I answered no as I am not religious. (My uncle has ginger hair as well I believe) I didn’t realize until recently that Judaism is an ethnoreligion and counts as an ethinicity.

I go to a public school, so obviously my school is full of your typical teenage boys. One day a boy who I rarely talk to tapped me on the shoulder and said something and then said “I’m joining the N@zis side” to be an edgy loser which really disgusted me and upset me, so I simply said “I’m jewish..” and then him and his friend started to verbally attack me and be really aggressive for no reason, I mostly remember the friend saying “At least my family wasnt genocided” which hurt a lot because I do actually have family who experienced the holocaust. I’d like to mention I didn’t say anything to them to cause this aggression other than mention my ethnicity.

I’ve also been called a N@zi multiple times for being German.

These experiences have really hurt me, and I know simply they’re antisemetic, I’m not stupid but I’m really confused if I should report these to my mom or the school if I’m not religiously Jewish and wasn’t raised in Judaism.

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