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Can blessings be said in English?

I’m going to a Shabbat dinner tomorrow evening, and I’m nervous because this will be my first time attending a Shabbat dinner. Even though I’ve grown up Jewish, my family never really did dinner together. So I have very little concept of the rituals around it. I’ve gotten a lot of information from online, but what I’m most worried about are the blessings. I can remember them well enough in English, but I haven’t memorized the Hebrew yet, and that scares me. Is it okay to say ritualistic blessings in English if you don’t know the Hebrew yet? I’d feel so awful to light my Shabbat candle, do the hand washing, and everything else without being able to say the blessings at all. This is one of my moments when I feel like a really awful Jew for not knowing things I should’ve learned from childhood…

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